Transporting Your Dog in a Pickup Truck

Transporting Your Dog in a Pickup Truck

So you are all geared up for hunting season; guns, ammo, clothing, boots. Only one more thing to plan for, how to transport those wet, smelly gun dogs back from the hunt so your truck stays fairly clean, and your hunting partners are safe and comfortable. There are a few solutions that you can look into for safely transporting dogs in pickup trucks, covering a wide variety of price ranges.

1. Safety: You need something to safely hold your dog while providing some protection from the weather. The very basic would be a plastic or fiberglass dog kennel tied down in the bed of the truck. These types of dog crates are approved for airline transportation, with locks on the doors. These kennels are constructed in a two piece design that has some grated windows and door for ventilation while the rest is solid to protect. If the temperature in your area is colder, you can purchase insulated dog crate covers that are foam filled and water resistant. These dog crate covers may have some extra pockets for storage of food or other accessories. Even with an insulated kennel cover this will be the most cost effective solution while still maintaining protection and safety. These kennels normally have places on the outside for fastening cords. Include this in your final decision and secure these crates firmly in the truck bed before using.

aluminum dog boxes2. Pricing: Next in pricing comes the aluminum dog boxes built to be a more secure solution for one or more dogs. These boxes are made of welded, diamond stamped aluminum and fix to the sides of the truck bed by fasteners.  An aluminum dog box resembles the aluminum tool boxes construction workers carry in their trucks. They typically feature built in locking doors and plenty of cross ventilation through grated windows. These dog boxes are preferred by canine dog handlers such as search and rescue teams.

3. Sizes:  Finally, if you have more than two dogs going to the hunt there are dog trailers than are available in many sizes and can be customized. These are basically constructed similar to the bed dog boxes with the ability to hold four, six possibly more dogs depending on breed. These trailers come with all the lights, hitch and safety features you need to transport your dogs. Of course these trailers will be the most expensive, but nothing is too good for your dog!

There are a lot of options when transporting your dog in a pickup truck. A wire dog crate is not going to do, it so do your research, and get a good solution that will keep your buddy safe, secure, and comfortable while riding in the truck.

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