How Reliable is Bark Off?

How Reliable is Bark Off?

If you’ve ever lived with or next door to a dog, you’re probably aware of just how vocal dogs can be. Thankfully, there are numerous products available on the market that claim to reduce or completely stop dogs barking. The Bark Off device is one such product, claiming to silence your dog (or your neighbor’s dog) at the flip of a switch. Sounds too good to be true? Well, judge for yourself.

There have been numerous Bark Off reviews posted around the internet. As seen on TV Bark Off looks like the perfect solution to your noisy problem. Unfortunately it can be difficult to determine the genuine customer reviews from thinly veiled sales pitches. If you do your homework though, you will find both pros and cons related to the use of this product.


  • The Bark Off device has worked for some customers. Some people have reported that their dog does indeed stop barking whenever the device is turned on, clearly distracted or put off by the ultrasonic sound waves that are emitted.
  • People who have used the Bark Off device in conjunction with more traditional training methods such as the use of gesturing, posture or verbal commands often find greater success in using the Bark Off.
  • The Bark Off is cheaper than many of the other ultrasonic or anti-barking devices on the market, making it a relatively low-risk purchase.


  • An overwhelming number of customers haven’t found any success with using the Bark Off. They either report that the dog isn’t affected whatsoever, or that the dog soon begins barking again when the device is switched off.
  • Some customers have reported worrying behaviour from their dogs when the device is switched on. Some dogs appear to be literally terrorized by the sound that is emitted from the device, leading dog lovers to wonder whether the device is actually cruel to use.
  • There have been consistent reports of poor customer service by the company that produces the Bark Off device.
  • Some people have mentioned that the device seems to be cheaply made, and that the lack of an indicator light or something similar prevents the user from knowing whether the device is faulty or simply ineffective.

So what is my take on Bark Off? I think it is a pass for most owners. If you are the type of owner who wants your dog to be the happiest possible, I would teach him other ways to ward off the barking. Imagine being trapped in a place where there was constantly an annoying sound, that doesn’t sound too fun for me. If it is a temporary solution while you are teach your dog the rules of the house, and it works for you and your dog without causing him distress, then that is a good use of this device.

Do I recommend people try this when their neighbors are too lazy to train their dog? Most definitely!

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