Dog Backpack Carrier Review

Dog Backpack Carrier Review

What do you do when you want to go hiking with your dog, but he is either too old, too young, or even too clumsy to comfortably accompany you all the way? Many of us may feel guilty exercising and enjoying the great outdoors if we can’t bring our best friend along. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you have options that allow you to bring your dog with you and even get some additional exercise yourself, by using one of the many new dog backpack carriers.

Your old dog has been a great companion to you. Now you can return the favor by help him or her accompany you on your hike. There are many companies that manufacture dog carriers for all kinds of purposes, but some of the options just wouldn’t work for a true hike. For this high intensity activity you can get backpack dog carriers for hiking, a walk in the park, or even out shopping!

Dog Perch Backpack

Dog Perch Backpack –

The dog perch backpack is a well-made dog carrier made in the United States. Your pets can ride in a natural position without their tails or limbs dangling. A special suspension mechanism helps to distribute the weight to your hips so you can effortlessly take your pet on your regular vigorous hiking adventures. To keep your doggy from moving falling, a safety harness helps to restrain your dog without causing it any discomfort. The pack is meant to fit adults from five feet to five foot eleven inches. Adults over six feet tall may find other designs more comfortable.

This particular dog backpack carrier is designed for small to medium dogs who weigh 23 pounds or less. Features include a mesh back that helps to provide ventilation for the carrier and adjustable straps which help to even out the load between your shoulders and hips to give the carrier a happy balance. Padding on both the shoulder straps as well as the waist strap absorbs shock and help the wearer comfortably handle the load. Additionally, the dog seat is easily removable without any special tools, is washable, and can easily be reinstalled for your next hike. The Dog Perch Backpack is the ideal way to carry your aging pets or young puppies while out hiking, shopping, or enjoying outdoor festivals.

This is a great dog carrier for hiking and for the general outdoorsy among us. If you are looking for a way to travel with your dog on public transportation or around town, you can opt for a purse style carrier, a tote carrier, or a more typical crate carrier.

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