Prevent Heartworm Disease the Easy Way

Prevent Heartworm Disease the Easy Way

There are several monthly heartworm pills available to dog owners.  All are equally effective at preventing the disease, since they are all verified to be able to destroy any larval stage parasites found in the blood before they pose any threat to health.  The main problem that many owners have is making sure their dog is treated correctly each month; many dogs will try their hardest not to swallow any heartworm pill you give them!

If your dog is one of those that will spit out a tablet as soon as your back is turned, you will need to consider one of the alternatives to the simple pills. Sometimes you may have luck by hiding the pill in peanut butter or their dinner food. If you put it in their dinner, you still might not be sure that they are eating the pill or just spitting it out. Luckily, there are a number of products to choose from that make medicine time a whole lot easier.  They will all cost you a little bit more than using a simple tablet, but knowing your dog definitely won’t be at risk from heartworm disease is definitely worth the small premium.

Heartworm PillMany people choose one of the oral preventatives that are made into a chewable tablet.  Sentinel Flavor Tabs are particularly popular.  Not only are they beefy and the dogs will think they are simply a delicious treat, but they also help prevent flea infestations too.   They do this by preventing any juvenile fleas from developing.  Since it is only the adults that bite and breed (and they do not live long as adults), this quickly brings fleas under control in and around your home.

Another option is to choose a topical treatment.  These are applied to the skin of the dog once a month.  This of course means you can be quite sure that the treatment has been given and once dry you know the active ingredients have been fully absorbed and are able to do their work.  There are currently two topical solutions available (Advantage Multi and Revolution).  Both also tackle fleas and a number of other parasites, so if there are additional pests you wish to control you should consider one of those products.

All products labelled as preventative heartworm medicines are equally good at ensuring your pet never gets heartworm disease, so choose the product that is easiest for you and your dog to use.

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