How to Use Monthly Heartworm Pills

How to Use Monthly Heartworm Pills

We all want to give our dog the healthy, happy life they deserve. There are many maladies that can take our dogs life sooner than we would like, and many of those diseases are preventable when you follow certain precautions. Heartworm pills are a simple way to ensure your pet never gets heartworm disease.  Because the condition itself is so difficult, time-consuming, dangerous and costly to treat, it makes sense to follow the advice of the American Heartworm Society and use a preventative regularly.

There are quite a few tablets available, from chewable Heartgard Plus for dogs, to dissolveable Nuheart, and a range of cheap basic tablets too.  Which one you choose is a personal choice.  All those labelled as heartworm preventative medicines will be equally effective in ensuring the the disease never occurs provided they are used correctly.

To that end here is a quick guide to introduce heartworm pills and ensure you do use them effectively:

Dog Heartworm Pills

  1. Always read the instructions fully, and clarify any confusing points with your vet.
  2. It is important to use the right dose, so check you have a pack that states it is made for your type of pet (dog or cat) and for the correct size (by weighing your pet).
  3. If you are switching to one medication from another preventative, give the new monthly pill 30 days after the previous treatment was given.
  4. If your dog has not been given the preventatives before, or if more than two months have passed since their last treatment, speak to your vet about carrying out a blood test to check for the disease before starting treatment; the pills have no effect on heartworm once it is set in.
  5. Make sure the whole tablet is digested properly; sometimes hiding it in a specially made pill pocket, or in a bit of peanut butter does the trick.
  6. Never use two different heartworm preventative medicines together.  There are a number of flea treatments that contain heartworm medicine, so double check yours before using a heartworm pill.
  7. Remember that cats can get the disease too, so speak to your vet about the risk to felines in your area as it may be worth using a feline preventative too.

So long as you follow the instructions completely you will ensure that heartworm disease never bothers your pets. Always go to your vet to get these pills. Although you might want to get heartworm pills for dogs without prescription, it is never advisable. Just like us, our dogs need their yearly physical to keep them in tip top shape.

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