Pros And Cons Of Homemade Dog Food For Allergies

Pros And Cons Of Homemade Dog Food For Allergies

If your dog is suffering from food allergies, as many dogs do, then you have two options. You can buy a pre-made hypoallergenic dog food or you can make your own dog food. Both ways have their pros and cons and it really boils down to which one better suits your lifestyle and your dog.

The healthiest dog food for your dog would be a homemade dog food. However, before you decide to go this route, you must gain some knowledge about canine nutrition. If you do not create a well balanced food for them, then nutritional deficiencies may set in and you’ll end up with more problems than just allergies to deal with. You can either consult with a canine nutrition specialist in your area, or there are several good books that detail the daily values of protein, carbs, bone meal, vitamins, and minerals is best for your dog.

The pros of homemade dog food for allergies is that you know exactly what ingredients and the quality of the ingredients that your dog is consuming. Those of us who believe in eating locally and organically can incorporate those foods. You also can adjust, on the fly, the amounts and you can change up the ingredients at will. Many nutritionists say that changing the ingredients helps create a better balanced diet and mitigates the potential for allergies developing to new foods. On the con side of homemade is the time and effort involved in creating food for your dog. Now you can make it up in batches, but make no doubt about it, it will take time.

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For many of us, time is a very valuable resource. Whether we don’t have the time it will take to learn about canine nutrition, or the time to create meals every day, there are some great alternative options in the marketplace now. Since dog food allergies are on the rise, many small companies are now providing quality hypoallergenic dog food. For the best selection, look online where you can compare prices and ingredients.

The pros of a hypoallergenic dog food is that you just open the bag or can and feed it to your dog – no extra time involved. Another pro of pre-made food is that many of these brands use novel ingredients that you may not have access to, like venison or bison. This can come in handy depending on your dog’s particular food allergy. The con of a pre-made hypoallergenic dog food is the price. These are a higher quality dog food and as such has a much heftier price tag than normal dog food.

If your dog is suffering from food allergies, please take the time to figure out what bothers them and eliminate it from their diet. Switching to a high-quality feeding regimen, whether homemade or commercial, will do wonders for your dog’s quality and length of life.

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