Indestructuble Dog Toys

Indestructuble Dog Toys

Dogs love playing with toys. But what if your dog also loves demolishing regular dog toys within 30 minutes? Well, you will have to start looking for indestructible dog toys, that’s for sure!

However, purchasing one of these toys come with several considerations. You have to keep these in mind while shopping or else you’ll find the toy torn into pieces after a few minutes. Knowing this makes you a smart shopper. Aside from that, they also enable you to save more money.

First, you have to consider your dog’s size and compare it to the toy’s size. A 4 inch toy is typically suitable for 5-15 pounds. Six inch toys work for the 15-25 pound canine. Eight inch chew toys works best for 25-50 pound dog while 10 inch toys are appropriate for a dog of 50 plus pounds. It is important to check the packaging for any recommendation coming from the manufacturers.

Indestructible Dog ToysThe second thing that you have to consider is your pet’s preference. Does your dog like noisy toys or does he have any allergies to nylon, wool, etc? You have to think about these things before buying an indestructible dog toy.

Toys with moving parts that fall off are unsafe and has to be avoided. You can more likely to determine, just by observing if your pet wants a chew toy. Some dogs tend to be very choosy when it comes to the toys they’re playing.

Finally, you have to look at the materials used for the toy. Cloth toys are usually the most destructible and easiest to pull apart. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. There is a new line of toys at Petco that are soft, but have no stuffing! Many dogs will let these “live” longer since there is no fluff to be pulled out. In general, look at hard plastics, rubber and nylon. Many toys are made of similar materials as the car tires and others use use a diverse hardening technique which make these toys last extra long.

Finding durable dog toys for your pet that is both fun for him to play with, and can that last the test of time is important. Not only will your furry friend thank you, but it will give you piece of mind that he isn’t choking on broken bits, not to mention will save you a bundle in the long run.

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